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June in Tuscany, the ideal period for a stay in the wine region and to take advantage of our offer

verdi colline della Toscana

With the arrival of June and summer it is impossible not to think about holidays, especially after weeks of non-stop rain, which seems to have finally left our skies.

Tuscany is much loved by travelers and welcomes thousands of visitors every year. However, few people know that June is one of the best months to discover it.

The hills are tinged with green thanks to the vineyards that cover them, nature is more lush than ever, the air smells of jasmine, the villages come back to life and their brick houses shine under the warm light of late spring.

Cities and towns become colourful, while many events are organized in this period, from open cellars to some local palio, from festivals to excursions to the most rural places of our splendid region.

We leave you a short selection of events not to be missed that will take place during the first weeks of June in our area:

  • Gambassigena: a local review of excursions, events and demonstrations held to make tourists and citizens aware of and rediscover the village of Gambassi Terme;

  • Tramonti gambassini, promoted by The Gambassi Experience and the pro loco, it includes a series of unmissable events that combine the beauty of the sunsets with the goodness of the local food;

  • Palio del cero Volterra, anniversary of an ancient religious festival where the districts donated a quantity of wax to the churches of the city;

  • Ferie delle messi San Gimignano, a historical event that takes place in the city streets and squares, with the setting up of period stalls and arts and crafts relating to the Middle Ages.

June, however, is not only the month of unmissable events, but it is also the ideal one for those seeking relaxation, in fact the cities are not yet taken by storm and accommodation offers greater choice and a lot of freedom.

In our farmhouse you can therefore take advantage of the swimming pool, recently reopened, and the enormous garden that surrounds our properties, ideal for private picnics, outdoor lunches and tastings.

If all this still hasn't convinced you, we've thought of a surprise for you: we've activated a 3x2 promotion, for which if you decide to book three nights in our facility, we'll give you one of them for free! Just enter the code: JUNE3X2.

We are sure that you will love our proposal that you can't wait any longer.

Come and experience your June in Tuscany.

Contact us by email at or on whatsapp at +39 389 1515707 for more information.

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