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The Church of Santa Cristina

In the heart of Tuscany there is a little-known church surrounded by cypresses and vineyards

Our farmhouse boasts a very special neighbor, in fact next to our property stands the church of Santa Cristina on a small hill.

Its history, controversial and full of mysteries, has very deep roots in the past. Its first registration dates back to 1268 in the documents of the Gambassi submission to San Gimignano.

In the following centuries he did not enjoy particular fortune, in fact, his property passed from city to city, until returning to Gambassi, but none of them ever took care of it. Ruin and abandonment therefore become inevitable.

In 1928, at the behest of Count Alessandro Nardi-Dei, its redevelopment began and, in 1935, it finally shone again.

Since then, every 24th July, on the occasion of the feast of Santa Cristina, this place came to life.

Since the morning the street was filled with people coming from the countryside and nearby cities; numerous traders sold their products on the stalls, even the sellers of brigidini and granita could not be missed. The church was opened for masses and vespers, while, in the afternoon, a horse race closed the celebrations.

If you have reached the bottom of the article, congratulations! You have unlocked a secret!

From 2025 the doors of Santa Cristina will also be able to be opened on other occasions, in fact from next year it will be possible to celebrate your special day, the wedding, inside. An extraordinary location that will make your ceremony unique in the world.

Have we intrigued you?

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